Nagging saved my life.

David Wright and his nephew at a baseball game.

David Wright is just like you and I. He is a husband, a father, a friend, a neighbor, a football fan. A reasonably fit and active 52 year old, David finally visited the gastroenterologist in January 2008 for his first routine colonoscopy following the “gentle insistence” of his wife. He felt fine … right up until the gastroenterologist told him he had Stage IIIA colon cancer. No symptoms, no warning, no family history, no special risk profile. Life as he knew it had come to an end.

Shortly after he was wheeled out of surgery, David decided he wanted to go public with his story to raise awareness about the disease. But before the ink was dry on his first editorial, cancer decided to keep him in its clutches just a bit longer …

Two weeks after surgery, the chief pathologist and tumor board determined that David’s cancer was still present and chemotherapy was warranted. So began a rigorous 16-week series of treatments. Through it all, David stayed active as a CRC awareness advocate. He published editorials, articles, letters and lectures, inspiring others to get their first colonoscopy. When a former colleague followed his advice and found out he also had Stage III colorectal cancer, David knew his efforts were making a difference.

David, along with his daughter, fellow survivor Kimberly Wright Bradstreet, have committed to become awareness advocates for early detection and proactive colon cancer screening. Their goal is to make colon cancer awareness as successful as breast cancer awareness. They invite others to join them in spreading the word on CRC.

Colon Cancer can be a sneaky demon, says David. It presents no symptoms at all or it can come along waving a red flag telling you something is wrong. Even if you feel great and have no family history, those nearing 50 should be scheduling a colonoscopy. Because you never know!